• Who is the GIA?
  • The Gemological Institute of America is considered the world's foremost authority in grading diamonds. The GIA is a non-profit organization founded in 1934. The GIA created the 4C's grading system currently used worldwide throughout the diamond industry. Every grading laboratory around the world uses GIA trained graders and the GIA 4C's grading system. The GIA is recognized throughout the diamond industry, and is generally considered, to be the most respected grading laboratory.

Complimentary Benefits

Our complimentary benefits offers the most comprehensive warranty and maintenance program you can find.


Our warranty* covers defects in workmanship and materials. If there is ever a problem with your ring as a result of a defect in our workmanship or the materials used in your ring, we will either repair or replace the ring at no charge.

Lifetime Maintenance

Our lifetime maintenance benefit offers complete refinishing at any time. As long as your warranty is registered, you maintain checkups every 6 months and your ring is not damaged due to abusive wear, we will repair (if possible), refinish, repair prongs, replace small side diamonds ( up to .10 cts size) and rhodium finish your ring at any time, free of charge. There is no limit to the number of times you can have your ring refinished.


You will receive a complete insurance appraisal with your diamond ring. You can use the appraisal to obtain valuable item insurance. Valuable item insurance is a separate insurance policy that covers loss of stones, damage to your ring and complete loss of the ring. We urge you to obtain this important insurance. Any insurance carrier can provide this type of insurance. We will update your appraisal at any time free of charge.

*Please note, our warranty is not an insurance policy and does not cover loss of stones (except those covered in our maintenance program), damage as a result of abusive wear or loss of the ring. We recommend that you obtain valuable item insurance for full protection.