Certified Diamonds


What We Offer

  • Certified Diamonds - We offer a selection of thousands of GIA and EGL certified diamonds in all sizes, shapes and price ranges. All certified diamonds sold by J. Edwards are accompanied by full grading certificates. No mini-certs are ever used with our certified diamonds.
  • Buying Diamonds - We are proud to offer our showroom guests a better way to buy diamonds. We begin by showing the actual wholesale price for thousands of diamonds in every size and shape, offered by more than 400 cutters worldwide. Using the cutter's actual wholesale price, we then add our fee which includes shipping and handling. Buying on an actual "wholesale cost plus" basis offers the opportunity to buy at significantly lower prices. When buying in our showroom, in addition to lower price, you have the "one on one" attention and expertise offered by our "non-commissioned" diamond experts. Regardless of your budget, we take the necessary time to teach you about diamonds and help you select the best diamond for the money.

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