Infinity Star Certified Diamonds Diamond Solitaire


What We Offer

  • J. Edwards United Import Company - If you are interested in "Diamonds at Incredibly Low Prices", then buying direct from J. Edwards United Import Company is for you. You can choose from thousands of GIA certified diamonds and choose from over 3,000 beautiful designer engagement and wedding rings. Whatever diamond and ring you choose, you save the sales tax amount.
  • J. Edwards Diamonds - When you buy in the showroom, you have the advantage of seeing the actual wholesale costs from over 400 cutters worldwide. These are the actual wholesale prices that jewelers pay when they buy diamonds. We are allowing you inside access to this vast wholesale selection and for only a small handling fee; we provide our professional expertise and guidance in helping you select the best diamond at the best price.
  • The Infinity-Star Diamond - The world’s most beautiful diamond. The Infinity-Star™ is double certified by two of the world’s foremost authorities in the grading of diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and The Gem Certification and Assurance Laboratory (GCAL). The Infinity-Star Diamond has been certified as having “superior light performance”. The Infinity-Star is produced in limited production and is available exclusively at J. Edwards Diamonds.
  • Certified Diamonds - Tremendous selection of GIA and EGL certified diamonds in all sizes, shapes and price ranges. All certified diamonds sold by J. Edwards are accompanied by full grading certificates. No mini-certs are ever used with our certified diamonds.
  • J. Edwards Mounted Solitaire Program - The J. Edwards Solitaire Program is our “VALUE” program. All diamonds are bought in bulk parcels and are graded to meet our strict standards by our in-house staff of GIA trained graders. Buying in bulk parcels enables us to buy at lower prices than when we select single certified stones. These lower prices are passed on to our customers. Every diamond in our solitaire program is accompanied by a J. Edwards Diamonds Appraisal.

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