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  • What about appraising? 
  • An appraisal is performed to obtain an accurate description of an item and a current market value. Jewelry appraisals are usually done for insurance purposes. It is important that replacement values are updated periodically to keep up with rising prices. 



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who is the GIA?

    • The Gemological Institute of America is considered the world's foremost authority in grading diamonds. The GIA is a non-profit organization founded in 1934. The GIA created the 4C's grading system currently used worldwide throughout the diamond industry. Every grading laboratory around the world uses GIA trained graders and the GIA 4C's grading system. The GIA is recognized throughout the diamond industry, and is generally considered, to be the most respected grading laboratory.

    • What about appraising? 

    • An appraisal is performed to obtain an accurate description of an item and a current market value. Jewelry appraisals are usually done for insurance purposes. It is important that replacement values are updated periodically to keep up with rising prices. 

    • Who is J Edwards United?

    • J Edwards United Inc. is a separate internet company offering loose GIA certified diamonds, engagement and bridal rings. All certified diamonds offered by J. Edwards United have been pre-selected to meet the finest grades for cut, depth and table percentages, polish, symmetry and fluorescence. We offer over 3,000 designer engagement and wedding rings making our selection one of the largest in the United States.

    • Do you offer a warranty?

    • We offer both a warranty and a lifetime maintenance benefit.  Both are FREE.  Our warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials.  Should a problem occur as a result of a manufacturing defect, we will either repair or replace the item at no charge.  Our lifetime maintenance benefit covers refinishing, repairs and overall maintenance of your item.  See sales receipt for full details.  You should register your warranty online, by clicking "Warranty" in our menu.

    • Do you guarantee the quality of your rings?

    • Yes. Every ring is made to our customer's specifications.  Our rings are not dropped shipped by others.  Every ring we sell goes through our in-house quality control inspection and is covered by our warranty. We guarantee that your ring will be free from defects in workmanship and materials.  You may also have your ring refinished or repaired at any time, at no charge, under our lifetime maintenance benefit.

  • Diamond Education

    • What is a diamond?

    • A diamond is crystallized carbon that is formed at more than 2000 degrees, under great pressure, many miles under the earth's surface. A diamond is the hardest of all gemstones and is practically indestructible. There are diamond deposits in many parts of the world, the most occurring in Africa and Russia.

    • What is a conflict diamond ... sometimes referred to as a blood diamond ... and does J. Edwards sell them?

    • Conflict diamonds are rough diamonds used to finance wars by rebel forces against legitimate governments.  In order to prevent the sale of conflict diamonds, the Kimberley Process was formed. The Kimberley Process is a joint government and international diamond industry initiative used to stem the flow of illicit stones. Participants in the Kimberley Process must certify the origin of rough as being free from conflict and as being obtained only from legitimate sources of supply. Today, Kimberley Process participants account for 99.8% of the global production of rough diamonds. J. Edwards buys diamonds only from sources that are participants in the Kimberley Process. 

    • What is an Infinity-Star diamond?

    • The Infinity-Star diamond is J. Edwards' exclusive brand. While there are many branded diamonds on the market, the Infinity-Star is the only diamond certified by two of the largest diamond grading laboratories in the world and certified as having an "excellent" light performance grade. Only those diamonds with an "excellent" grade in light performance, producing maximum brilliance, are branded as an Infinity-Star.

    • What is Carat Weight?

    • A Carat is a unit of weight, made up of points ... points and carats are like ounces to pounds. It takes 100 points to equal one carat. For example, 25 points = 1/4 carat, 50 points = 1/2 carat, etc. The price of diamonds are calculated as price per carat. To arrive at a price, you must multiply the price per carat by the weight of the diamond. Example: If a diamond is priced at $1,000 per carat.. and the weight is .50 (1/2 carat), the resulting price will be $500. All of the prices shown on our site are the net result of this calculation. Carat referring to weight for gemstones is spelled with a C. Karat, spelled with a K, is for gold content in items made with gold.

    • What is meant by ideal grading?

    • Ideal refers to the optimum measurements for cut, depth and table percentages, and polish, symmetry and fluorescence.  See our educational video for a full explanation.


  • Returns and Shipping Items To Us

    • What is your return policy?

    • For purchases made online, you have 30 days from the date you receive the ring to return it to us, no questions asked.  We will reimburse to you the cost of shipping, as long as you follow our shipping instructions.  Before returning your ring to us, you must contact us for a Return Authorization Number.  We cannot accept packages without an RA number.  We will give you shipping instructions when we give you your RA number.

    • How do I return the diamond ring?

    • You will have a 30 day inspection period, from the date you or your agent sign for receipt of the package. If you decide to return the diamond ring, before the 30 day inspection period expires, you must obtain a Return Authorization Number by contacting our office. The diamond grading certificate must be included with your return, undamaged, and in its original condition. The diamond ring must be in original condition. You will receive detailed return packaging and shipping instructions when you receive your Return Authorization Number. Please do not return to us without first getting a Return Authorization Number as we cannot accept packages without this number on them.

    • Am I responsible for any charges if I return the diamond ring?

    • As long as you return the diamond/ring according to our return policy, you will receive 100% credit for all charges to your credit card.  We will reimburse to you, the cost of shipping the ring back to us.  

    • How do I return my diamond ring for repairs or maintenance?

    • You can return your diamond ring at any time for repair or for maintenance.  Go to contact us in the menu, please use the Repair Order Number form.  We will provide you with a number for your repair and shipping instructions.  Please do not ship the item to us without this number on the package, as we cannot accept packages without the repair order number.

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